Thursday, March 15, 2012

Selecting a Cost Effective Photographer

Here Comes The Bride... as you march down the aisle, don't stress about the price tag on any of your wedding day celebration choices.  Especially your wedding pictures.  During the planning phase of your wedding, look at ways to cut the photography cost but you want to ensure that you  have the beautiful pictures that you will treasure over a life time.

Look over some these options:

- Does your church have a staff photographer?
- Do you have a relative or friend that does photography as a hobby or side job?
- How about a neighbor or family member?
- Do you live near a college campus?  Check out the availability of a photographer that works directly for the school or perhaps the school's newspaper.

Make sure you ask to see the person's most recent photography projects.  While you want to cut the cost of your wedding photography budget, you certainly want to ensure that your pictures are of great quality.  Don't be afraid to ask for pictures to be taken of you and your fiance' months before the wedding.  Just because a person is willing and perhaps has the latest in camera technology does not mean that they are qualified to serve as your official photographer.

What about multiple photographers?  I would suggest no more than two official photographers, however.  You want to ensure that your wedding is held to the highest level of order.  This is your day and you want nothing less that the best on your wedding day!

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