Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taking Pictures During The Engagement Period

Bridal pictures are very special.  There you are with your perfect hairdo, well chosen wedding dress, classic jewels, flawless makeup and all the wedding day glow of the blushing bride!  Stop!  Should you take pictures only on your wedding day?  Of course not.  

As you and your fiance' approach the big day, take the time to visit some of your favorite date places, perhaps the beach, a picturesque park, an outdoor affair, a local museum or any other favorite locale, take a friend or two along to photograph the two of you as you radiate in the days before your big day.  These photos can become part of a photo memory book that is sure to add to your collection of wedding photographs. 

You can also use these special pictures to display or show at your reception or use them to create souvenirs for your guest. Be creative and don't forget to smile.  It's your big day!  Dahling relax and enjoy!

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Rebecca Mealey said...

What a nice idea! Making a memory book of date places would be so fun for a couple through the years. And imagine passing it to future generations!