Saturday, August 23, 2008

Budget Wedding Photography

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

One area that you can cut your wedding cost is photography. Ask family and friends to use their own cameras to photograph your wedding and reception. 

Here is an idea that will get you all of the pictures you want without breaking the bank.  After you have decided on your wedding venue, you may want to have at least two photographers and one videographer.    Before the wedding ceremony begins, one photographer can be placed with the groom and one with the bride to take wedding preparation shoots. During the ceremony one photographer can be stationed at the back of the wedding and the second one can be stationed near the front of the wedding. 

Once the wedding and reception have concluded, request your photographers to give CDs to the bride and groom so that the couple can post their own pictures on-line and also print photos for a wedding album. This should be done as soon as you return from your honeymoon. It is recommended that your use of the on-line photo services, (for example: Walgreens) to upload wedding pictures for online sharing, print favorites and make your own fabulous photo album. Use popular wedding magazines and books to select wedding shots that you want your photographers to take. Keep a list of the shoot that you want taken at the wedding and reception. Review your photo shooting list with your photographers at least a week before the wedding.

You may also want to place one-time-shoot cameras in the seats of your guest and collect the cameras after the reception. Develop these candid shoots and they can be included in your wedding album.

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